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This is for all the Mama’s out there. You’ve got this. You might think it’s no big deal. You might not even realize the power in your ability to keep going, but I do. I know that strength. I know the nights of no sleep met with mornings of pure exhaustion. I understand the concessions and compromises. The courage and the fear. I know the heartbreak and the love.

And I know that sometimes it’s so easy to dismiss that we keep going. Your children... they see all that you do. You’re providing them security because they know they can count on you. Trust me…I know it’s not easy. Life has a way of throwing curve balls when you least expect it. But you can handle anything that comes your way. You’re strong.

It’s hard when you think it can’t get any worse and it does.

It’s nerve-racking to keep going when you don’t have answers.

It’s lonely to keep going when everyone else seems to have it together.

It’s frustrating to keep going when things don’t go as planned.

It’s tiring to keep going when you get no sleep.

It’s difficult to tackle one thing at a time when the “to do” list is never ending.

But you do. You keep going.

On good days.

On bad days.

On great days.

On irritating days.

On throw-in-the-towel days.

On magnificent days.

On mediocre days.

On vacation days.

On work days.

On days you are sick.

On never-get-a-break days.

You keep going.

You may get to the end of today and wonder what on earth did I accomplish? But you are only looking at today. You are missing all the days that got you to today. All the days where you kept going. All the days when you didn’t know if you would make it through. All those days.

The weight of the world will try to tell you that you need to do more, be more, change more, love more, give more, show-up more but tune those voices out. You are doing enough. Hold your head high. Be proud of you. Love your days. All of them. Count your blessings. Learn from your mishaps. Give yourself the grace you give others. Most importantly, recognize your strength and know you’re setting an amazing example to your children. Do you know what is amazing? You. Your story, this crazy and amazing thing called life – you are such a beautiful part of it. For so many. For your friends, your children and your family. They may not tell you but they know deep down, they can always count on you. Why? Because you keep going.


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