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My purpose in life is to help others.

 Through that passion, lialaine was created.

Hi!! I'm Lisa Masters. I'm a proud working mama to 5 amazing kids (the oldest who is all grown up and married to the love of his life) and our own little "zoo." We live in Fredericksburg, Virginia, just outside of Washington D.C. 

I am obsessed with hot tea, am insanely happy after a long run, read books like it's nobody's business, love spending quality time at home with my family as well as work! Yes...this right here, Lialaine, fuels me and I absolutely LOVE it!   

Lialaine initially began as a hobby 4 years ago when I started a blog, "Closing deals in red heels," which is centered around being a single-working mom. The name...has a funny, but true story tied to it that I'll share later. What began as a hobby, grew to a resource for many working Moms. I realized through my own trials and tribulations that being successful in your career is only one "pillar" in order to live abundantly. In that moment, Lialaine was created as an overarching company that embodies (what I believe) are the four "core" pillars of life; family, health, relationships and professional development. 

I believe you do not have to be perfect to live abundantly. If you set goals, work toward them with tenacity, continuously evaluate your progress, you will see results in all aspects of your life. Through my courses and posts you will find I am audaciously authentic. There are no gimmicks. No saccharine sweetness, just unadulterated honestly. Take it or leave it. I am compassionate. I SERIOUSLY care about each and everyone of you. I want to teach you how to love yourself and give yourself the grace you deserve. I am relatable. What I teach has primarily come from my own failures and I'm not afraid to share those with you. Whether it's as heavy as starting from rock bottom 10 years ago or having to climb through my front window after locking myself out in just a t-shirt earlier this week. This is real life....everyone wants to think they have all their shit together (pardon my french) but I can promise you...they don't. I'm still and always will be a work in progress (as everyone should be-that's growth) but I am passionate about helping others avoid the mistakes I learned the hard way. I'm driven. I know for a fact there cannot be success without hard work and hustle. Period. I'm Resourceful. Always have been. You'll learn more about this as we dive deeper but I've learned you have to work with what you have, make the best of it and sometimes it takes an insane amount of creativity, flexibility, patience and constant pivoting. Lastly...I want this to be a welcoming environment. This space is for everyone. We don't want mean girls, clicks or any of that nonsense. This is a community of women who know their worth, want to live the best life they possibly can and support one another.  On that note...welcome!! I'm so happy to meet you and look forward to working together!




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