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Recognizing Healthy Relationships 

I have yet to speak with someone who has not been impacted, or knows someone who has been impacted, by an unhealthy relationship at some point. These types of relationships negatively affect our self-esteem and strip away our sense of worth. Often there are no bruises, however, they can be so hurtful it can cause us to question our very existence. 


My greatest hope is to empower women through education. What are the not-so-obvious early warning signs of an unhealthy relationship? What is acceptable treatment and what is not? Where do we draw that line? How do we recover and/or develop our confidence in our relationships? What does a healthy relationship even look like? 


For the majority of us, we grow up with an idea or understanding of what a relationship should be like based on the people we are surrounded by. Since how to be in a relationship is not widely taught (as it should be), many of us are left unaware and vulnerable to mistreatment. As much as I love Disney movies, I learned "real life" fairytales are quite different as well as how to spot men who are "Hans," vs. "Kristoff." 

I hope you'll join me on this 6 week journey. You will learn about common personality traits that make you more vulnerable to mistreatment, the subtle signs and tactics of aggression and control, recognizing the cycle of abuse and how to recover yourself if you have endured such treatment. You will also learn what a truly healthy relationship looks like, discovering your own worthiness to be loved. Healthy relationships do exist and together and after this course, you will be able to recognize them and have your own fairytale ending. 

How Does It Work?

Starting today, you will receive a new lesson every week for 6 weeks (total of 6 lessons) via email after registering below. 


Healthy Relationships

Admission fee for this course is $20 

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