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Love & Relationships

Throughout my journey in life, I have had my share of unhealthy relationships and marriages. Yes...that wasn't a typo, I am amongst the devastating statistic of nearly 50% of marriages end in divorce. My heart has been broken. Afterwards I struggled with insecurity, severe depression, lack of confidence, trust issues, unhappiness, fear of rejection as well as a lack of my own identity. Does any of this sound familiar? It's hard to swallow and even harder to put it out there. The reality is, many of your friends, co-workers even family members maybe going through the same struggles I did but are afraid to admit it. Rest assured....that's a normal feeling and a part of the process.

You ask, "how does this help me?" Great question...I have put together tools and resources to help you wherever you're at in your journey. If you are in a wonderful relationship/marriage but feel like you can use some tips on how to keep the spark alive? I've got you covered! If you've recently experienced the end of a relationship and/or are thinking about dating again, you've found the perfect spot! Through my courses and tools you will have the ability to recognize and enforce healthy boundaries, determine what you're looking for in a relationship (if you don't know already or about to start dating again) dating as a single mom as well as working to regain/boost your confidence and empowering you to be your BE~YOU~TIFUL self that you truly are and to find the love you deserve!

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