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#national custodian day

Today is National Custodian Day...I personally know how hard (both physically and mentally) it can be to do what you do. How would I know? I started out my career as a janitor at a hospital, cleaning Labor and Delivery rooms every Friday night while attending nursing school. I always wanted to work in Labor and Delivery but that isn't an area new grads typically start out in. So...I had to be creative and was able to get my foot in the door...a different way. Through my own experience, I learned how incredible a unit or an organization can operate when everyone works together as a team.

As a day to celebrate custodians...please know your efforts do not go unnoticed. It's really tough! Hard work can produce different reactions for different people. It can bring out the best in some and be a motivational driver, for others they may turn up their noses, and some may just give up. Custodians, thank you for showing up day in and day out. Thank you for rolling up your sleeves. And thank you for working hard, for your job isn't easy but it is vital for everyone.

You are key to our safety, security, maintaining a healthy environment and even our reputation. If you work at a school or hospital and it has a reputation of being dirty, no one will want to use your facility. The shiny floors when you walk in, fingerprint less windows, areas neat and tidy...all of the above have a huge impact on your organization's reputation.

You really are a silent superhero. You disinfect germ infested tables, railings, doorknobs and much more…every single day. Spills? You swoop right in, set up a cautionary sign, and mop it up. Blood? No problem. You’re an expert on blood-borne pathogens and how to properly clean them up. Of course…there’s always going to be vomit. While most would gag and walk away..not you. You, bless your heart, drop everything, grab what you need to properly disinfect and clean it up and we can all rest assured there won’t be any lingering germs. You scrub the dining area post-meals, clean dirty bathrooms, take out trash and lord forbid someone flushed paper towels down the toilet and it explodes…you quickly again…swoop in and take control of the situation...this time in tall rubber boots.

After snow show up early and salt the sidewalks so we don’t slip and fall. Lights are out in a dark Hallway? You get on a tall ladder and replace the burnt out light bulbs. Again...there's nothing you can't handle even when it may not be technically on your job description and you're always doing it with a smile.

You truly are the unsung heroes and you go above and beyond to ensure anyone visiting, staying and/or attending your facility has a wonderful experience, and most importantly, in a clean and safe environment. Thank you and take time to celebrate you today!


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