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Have you seen the movie, A Dogs Purpose? If you haven't, I'd highly recommend it...along with a box of tissues. The movie is about a dog who discovers the meaning of its own existence through the love, laughter and happiness it brings to it's human owners. Reincarnated as different breeds over the course of five decades, the sweet dog develops an unbreakable bond with his original owner and the two are reunited in the end. It was an emotional doubt, BUT the story behind it is so powerful and true. (The picture above is my lab, "Piper"...I think the kids and I are her "why." lol)

What drives you as an individual? What is your "Why?" Pablo Picasso once said,"The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away."Knowing your why is an important first step in figuring out how to achieve your goals, create a life you enjoy and living versus merely surviving.

You maybe asking, how does this help my career or drive new business? Believe it or not, this is KEY to success!! Can you recall the last time you went into a store and were approached almost immediately by an employee looking to sell a particular product or service to you. Right away you can tell in their voice it's scripted and they probably wouldn't buy the product themselves because it breaks or the service you're selling is less than par?

If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s nearly impossible to sell to without passion. Sooo...why don’t more people use passion to their advantage? It’s simple. Passion exists in those who are humble, honest, and believe in their cause. It is an effective sales tool because it isn’t artificial and can’t be faked for long periods of time. Passion is displayed in people who care and are willing to take the time to serve their customers in whatever manner is necessary. Its evident by simply listening to their customer and understanding what it is they are looking for. They not only display it in the questions that are asked, but also in the tone of voice and body language. Salespeople who have passion can easily create long term relationships with their customers. They also routinely benefit from continuous referrals by their existing clients and new referrals through word of mouth. Passion comes from a genuine belief of wanting to help the customer in both good times and bad. It's definitely not something you can rehearse in front of the comes from the heart. It's your WHY.

If you struggle with finding your "why" I've attached a link below that you may find helpful. This exercise helps you figure out what your life is about, your purpose and put it into a single sentence. It’s tough, but powerful. It’s not a slogan or a mission statement. It’s about defining the values that you stand for and the impact that you have. It's your legacy. Click here for the link.

Thanks for checking out week 1 of 41!! Have an awesome week

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