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It's hard to believe we're a month and a half into the New Year! I've been quiet the last few weeks as I have committed to getting myself organized, back into "prep" work (meals, laying clothing out ahead of time) and planning/prioritizing my schedule. This goes for my personal and professional life. It's amazing how much clearer your mind is when things are in order and everything just flows. Especially in my house with 5 kiddos, a highly energized lab, a bunny, a bird and two frogs. #neveradullmoment

I decided for 2017 I am going to change it up a bit because I want this to be my greatest year yet! can I do that?? After reading, The Compound Effect, I believe Darren Hardy is absolutely right and greatness can be achieved through smallness.

Although it may not sound "grand" or "extravagant" over time it has been proven to be the most effective method and makes complete sense. Previously, I would feel like conquering the world before I went to bed and set my goals and expectations unattainably high. After a few days or a week, I'm exhausted and upset at myself for not achieving the goals I set out to accomplish. In reality...I didn't meet them because they were ginormous and impossible even for superwoman.

This year, rather than having large audacious goals, I am setting small, achievable goals that consistently overtime will lead to great things. Who wants to join me and have the greatest year they've ever had? #greatness #goals

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