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Fall in love with the guy who pays attention to the things you like, who remembers the little things such as your favorite snacks, who constantly plays "our," song, who remembers what you’re allergic to and who makes you laugh so hard you pee your pants.

Fall in love with somebody who’ll make you forget your scars, all the times you got your heart broken and those who did't know you well enough to appreciate you for who you truly are.

Fall in love with somebody who won’t make you feel like you’re hard to love, who’ll make you forget all the pain you’ve been through, and who’ll lessen all the pain that is yet to come.

Fall in love with the guy who is also your best friend, who you can share anything and everything with, without judgement or fear that he will decide to walk away from the relationship. Choose a guy who’ll be your partner in crime, a true "teammate," the guy who makes you feel safe and protected, the guy you can always count on, no matter if you call him at 3 AM or 3 PM.

Fall in love with the guy who picks up the phone and calls you, the guy who loves nothing more than to hear your voice versus only texting.

Fall in love with a guy who is secure about himself. A guy who doesn't have to be someone he's not in order to try and impress you or anyone else. A guy who is the same at home as he is at work or with friends.

Fall in love with the guy who makes depression unknown to you, who’s excited about life, who you want to share your dreams with no matter how silly or unrealistic they are because you know he’ll believe in them just as much as he believes in you.

Fall in love with the guy who only sees you when he walks into the room, whose whole world is lit up when he sees you, whose day is made just thinking about you and by 9am is already planning your evening plans after he gets off work.

Fall in love with the guy whose happiness is fused with yours, who decides to love you the same in good time as well as the tough times. Who knows everything about your past, all you've been through in life and it doesn't make him want to run. Choose the guy who looks you straight in the eye and tells you how much he loves you and is amazed at how strong of a woman you are; emotionally and physically.

Choose the guy who has seen you first thing in the morning with your hair all disheveled, raccoon eyes since you went to bed with your mascara on and still tells you’re the most beautiful woman in the world. Fall in love with the guy who has a cup of coffee ready for you before you even get downstairs and can't wait to sit outside, admiring a beautiful sunrise while sipping coffee and enjoying every minute with you.

Fall in love with the guy who somehow knows what to say and when to say it. Who knows how you feel even before you realize it yourself. The one who hurts when you're hurting, who’s happy when you smile, whose arms feel like home, and whose hand fits perfectly in yours.

Fall in love with a man who prays for you when you're waiting on health related test results, who rearranges his schedule so he can drive you to and from doctor appointments, even if he has to sit in the car because he cannot come in due to COVID. Choose a guy who takes detailed notes as he speaks with your physician on the phone about next steps and what to expect. Fall in love with a guy who will see you at your worst when lifting you out of bed for the first time after surgery, walks you to the bathroom and waits patiently for you on the other side of the door. Fall in love with the guy who rubs your back, reassuring you, "everything will be ok," while holding your hair back when you're throwing up multiple times, day after day. Choose a guy who makes you a special homemade concoction of chicken noodle soup with rice and then feeds it to you, since you're too weak to do it yourself.

Fall in love with the one who makes you realize that home isn’t a place but a person. Home is that person who makes you feel safe. Home is being tightly wrapped in his arms making you never want to leave.

Fall in love with him. Fall in love with the one that knows what he wants and that is you. A guy who isn't afraid to express his feelings to you, no matter how sappy they are. A guy who looks at you and you can just see the love he has for you in his eyes. You maybe reading this and think there isn't a guy out there like this...but I can tell you from personal experience, there is. Don’t settle for anything less. Keep waiting for the right guy. An honest, genuine, faithful and honest man who treats you with respect. Who loves you just as strongly as you love him. In the meantime, continue learning about yourself. Keep fighting for the things you love and believe in. Take care of yourself, when the time is right, you’re going to find someone who deserves you, who makes sure his words are followed by his actions, and who’ll make you feel you’re home wherever you may be. Fall in love with the guy who is committed to loving you, and only you, through the good times and bad. Only then you’ll finally understand what true love really is and it will be perfectly imperfect.


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