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Chapter 14: Moments of Impact

Life is crazy. Sometimes it is beautiful and amazing—you feel like you’ve got things figured out and you’re exactly where you’re meant to be. Then there are other times where life is hard, complicated, tragic, downright awful and it's impossible to imagine how you’re going to take one more step forward. We are all met with setbacks, failures, and obstacles. Some are small little "bumps in the road," just enough to slow us down. Other challenges can turn our lives upside down in an instant. While difficult, gut wrenching and often heartbreaking, these moments of impact and how we react ultimately define who we are. They give us an opportunity to pause, reflect, restart, learn, grow, and often times...even change the trajectory of our lives.

There is so much discussion around being authentic lately, including social media apps encouraging us to "just be real." But let's face's easy to showcase your life when feeling on top the world but really hard to put yourself out there when life isn't going the way you envisioned it. Over the past year I've realized we all have our own battles we're dealing with, yet most of the time we compartmentalize, showcase a life of "having it all together," instead of addressing the issues. It doesn't matter what your background, education, financial status, field of employment or demographics, we all experience adverse chapters in our lives. Growing up and throughout adulthood we are taught what life "should" look like and the direction it's "supposed" to go. While it's important to have a roadmap filled with goals and a timeline, it's vital to know ways to overcome adversity as well as how to navigate when life redirects us, unexpectedly.

Finding Joy in the Journey

I've had some painful chapters over the past few years. Ones that robbed me of time, my sense of self and security, identity, trust in others, financial and professional loss as well and just plain happiness. I suffered from anxiety, fear and illnesses secondary to PTSD. I lost my spark and felt broken. I remember feeling alone, despite having supportive friends and family. Trying to navigate life while feeling so "stuck." I couldn't figure out where to begin to find "me" again all while trying to continue working, keeping up with a house and of course being a Mom. I felt as though I had failed as a life coach. How could I be going through this myself when I'm supposed to have the answers and help others navigate through their challenges? As hard as it was to accept things for what they were, reality was I was starting over in more ways than just one. You're probably asking yourself why am I sharing all of this now? I recently lost a dear friend and it was devastating. It was such a shock. A week prior, while walking my dogs, we spoke briefly. She was out watering her flowers and we exchanged quick "hello's and "how are you's," as my dogs were impatiently waiting to keep walking. I can't help but wonder if I would have checked in on her more often, would she still be here today?

I've learned none of us are experts despite the degree hanging on our office wall nor additional courses and training we've taken. I didn't have to have all the answers to begin again, all I needed was to be willing to take the first step. When we really think about it, life is never a linear path of what we expect. There are always disruptions or forks in the road where we’re presented with a decision. We have choices...turn away in fear, continue feeling overwhelmed or the decision to face uncomfortable moments, pivot and move forward. Often times, the pivots we make in life end up being our most crucial moments. For me, it’s allowed me to continue to grow. I trusted my gut, pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. Despite the situation, my passions, dreams and "my why's" have never wavered. Traumatic experiences can leave deep, sometimes permanent wounds. Working through them, seeing the small baby steps you're making and ultimately overcoming those events can push us to grow in ways that ultimately make us wiser and our lives more fulfilling.

Pivoting is empowering. It’s accepting that things can change. It’s admitting to yourself and changing direction when something isn’t working or feels off. It’s being flexible to make changes in your life. It’s switching your focus to something that energizes and excites you. It’s envisioning the opportunities that can come from changing course. It’s seeing a purpose in the pivot and being grateful for the experience.

My journey is ongoing and I'm constantly learning and evolving. Sometimes we need new insight and different perspectives to see life more clearly. I hope by sharing my story it will inspire others to recognize if something isn’t working, you've been hurt, feel stuck or completely broken..even if for ALMOST 4 years...know that YOU can overcome whatever MOUNTAIN you are staring at. You're not alone in this journey and you never know, these "pivots" you make may turn into your life’s most pivotal moments.

Trust the wait. Embrace the unknown. Capture the moments. Celebrate the milestones, small and large. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is definite, anything is possible.

It's great to be back...



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