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Press Pause & Reset

Recently, I felt it-no matter how much coffee I consumed— it was a struggle to keep my eyes open, let alone complete the tasks I needed to do for work or home. However, when it was officially time to climb into bed, I routinely found myself wide awake. This tired yet restless cycle was becoming a new norm and it was frustrating. I'd lie awake wondering what was going on with me? Insomnia wasn’t a word I could understand, but last September...I was experiencing stormy nights, of the insomnia kind.

Things I normally do just wasn’t working. Going for a long run, spending time with the kids, walking the dogs on the trails, taking a relaxing bath, reading a book, listening to name it, I tried it. Despite everything I still felt I was doing more than normal, yet not accomplishing what I normally do. I knew I needed to press pause on some areas of my life, regroup and focus on what was important. I’m used to running a thousand miles a minute but this past September was different.

Pressing pause, whether by choice or due to extenuating circumstances, such as a job loss or illness, can actually be the best remedy, yet we resist it. We deny ourselves the best medicine because of a thousand reasons, which in reality, are just weak excuses. We forget about the healing benefits of pausing, laughing, or simply just having some down time in our lives. We advise our friends and colleagues to go on a mini vacation or just to take a day off, but do we follow our own advice? Seldom. Instead, we fill our heads with guilt and false reasons why taking a break is for the weak. We convince ourselves we don’t need it, don’t deserve it or impossible and fall deeper into that swirling pit of guilt and shame. Well...I came to a point where enough was enough. September I did a thing...

I pressed pause...I focused on what was most important in my life, my family and my health. Let me tell was the best thing I could have done.

In a society that champions multi-taskers who can do it all without ever resting or taking a break, pressing pause may be viewed as weak, lazy, or unnecessary. People may wonder if something is wrong or misunderstand your motives. It’s okay. Give yourself permission to press pause. I can tell you from experience, you’ll be glad you did.



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