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#Back To The Basics

Why do we hear the term “back to the basics” so frequently? Because it works. In the military, recruits begin with basic training. Athletes in a slump go “back to basics.” What does everyone's wardrobe consist of? The basics, jeans and a t-shirt. This message applies everywhere, particularly in business.

Why are basics so important in business? Basics provide the foundation for all business success. Witnessing the success of great entrepreneurs and/or companies, we wonder “How’d they do it?” We see the success but not how it was achieved. You may think their success was pure luck, twist-of-fate, or a rare combination of chance and opportunity, however, success is more than circumstance. Success does not just happen but it begins with the basics.

Focusing on basics is more than executing a how-to strategy; it is a philosophy rooted in a company’s culture. Basics provide simplicity in our complex world. Between emails, voicemails, text messages, meetings, phone calls, more e-mails, more meetings, work pressures, and personal pressures we all crave simplicity in this crazy, fast paced world.

Have you ever been frustrated by a lack of success at something? Have you ever been in a rut? Have you ever felt like you’re not reaching your full potential? How often have we heard the phrase “I don’t know where to start”? Start with the basics. Getting back to the basics is the quickest way to reach clarity. Applying the basics allows ordinary people to do extraordinary things. They believe in the basics, they execute the basics, and they succeed with the basics.

Eight years ago, as a single mom of 5, I was working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse with over 14 years experience. I absolutely loved it but I needed a job that offered routine. I had been actively looking for months but didn't see anything that sparked my interest with my background. God certainly works in mysterious ways. I will never forget being at work when I received a Facebook message from a friend of mine who I hadn’t talked to or seen in years. She worked for a company and heard of an opportunity to work in a sales position, as an RN where I live. I was so excited!! But wait...Sales?!?

I applied and had an excellent interview. The position was to grow business in a brand new market and I had ZERO sales experience. I didn’t even know what a “cold call” was. Not kidding. I knew I didn't have “sales experience,” however, what I did bring to the table was tenacity and resilience. I sent a thank you email following the interview…and might have even mailed my “future” boss some Easter Peeps with a note saying I was extremely interested in the CSL position; “Can’t Sell without Lisa.” My persistence paid off, I received a job offer and was incredibly grateful for the opportunity. I’m an all in kind of gal and I knew he wouldn’t regret it. A few months after orientation, I attended my first National Sales Conference and was incredibly motivated. On the evening they held the award ceremony, I watched as the awards were given out and I was determined to one day, walk across that stage. AND I DID.

Within 3 years, I led a team that averaged over 400k/month in revenue, successfully launched a ground-up build for a Fortune 500 company, secured 6 preferred provider relationships with key hospital systems, and was awarded, “Presidents Club,” for top producer.

Why do I mention that? Certainly not to brag. I say that because I had zero sales experience, yet was successful by starting with the basics. If I can do can you. Relationship building, communication, delegation, organization, planning…these are just a few of key components to building a strong foundation. Regardless of language, culture, generation, product, or industry you are in, sales and service basics are the key to any successful business.

So, if you find yourself struggling or doing less than your best, why not go back to basics? What are the most important practices, rituals, and activities in your life? And how can you start doing more of those basics right now?


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