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A Good Mom

This is for the mom who needs to give herself grace...your kids don’t want a perfect mom, they want you! Trust me...I too have to be reminded by others or remind myself of this ALL the time. Why do we as moms...spend so long trying to do it all, yet go to bed feeling inadequate?!? And more on earth do we stop this??

Last night, I was sitting with my youngest son, as I put him to bed. In my mind, I recalled all the “scenes” of the day, particularly the ones in which I felt I had not measured up. As we sang our songs (the same 3 we've sang since he was a baby), said our prayers and talked about the highlights of our son thanked God for all the fun he had and for me. ME?!? My eyes just filled with tears...not of sadness but of could we see the day so differently? How do all the things I feel I didn't do "right" not even be on his radar? My guess is all my other "mom" friends can relate to this. While you are trying to find your superhero cape and juggling everyone’s expectations (including the ones of yourself), your kids are taking in the moments of love and acceptance and filtering out all the parenting mishaps. They don’t see the piles of laundry or the floors that could use a good mopping, carpets that need vacuuming and so on. They truly see the love that we give to them and see us as rockstars.

You aren’t always going to make your kids happy, prepare perfect meals, and if you're a working mama...finding a perfect balance between work and home life. ESPECIALLY if you're a single mama. But at the end of the day, remember that you have given your kids love — and that’s all they want! So...give yourself some grace, a pat on the back and of course....hug your little ones like you never have before.


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