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#you had me at hello

I'm a sucker for Romantic comedies and Jerry McGuire is by far one of my favorite movies of all time. I've seen it a thousand times but the ending still brings tears to my eyes every time. Jerry (Tom Cruise) is a salesman and when he stands in front of the love of his life, bares his soul, says the 3 magic words followed by a sales pitch to win back her affection...she stops him. Tells him to SHUT UP, and then delivers the line of the movie: “You had me at hello.” *Sigh* :)

So how does this relate to the business world? It's simple...scripted sales pitches and tactics worked well for a long time but not anymore. Our referral sources/customers would rather rip off their toe nails than sit through an encounter with a salesperson giving a pitch. So you do I discuss my product without coming across as though it's a script? Simple...just be you.

Transparency Through Accountability & Authenticity

When it comes to personal and/or professional branding, consumer trust is not acquired overnight. The world’s most prestigious businesses have developed and maintained their corporate images by instilling confidence in their customers, providing open lines of communication and surpassing the highest of client expectations.

Focusing your sales, marketing and operational efforts on these aspects will inspire customers and clients to rely on and recommend your products and services because they trust you.

Be Accountable

The first step toward improving transparency is recognizing the impact you have on your consumer audience. When a brand or company promises to provide a product or service, that business is responsible for either failing or succeeding to uphold what is being initially sold/marketed. Having empathy for those customers and clients who have faith in the company goes a long way. The first efficient way to broadcast commercial transparency is by being dependable through unprecedented customer service. Treat people like people. While this is often easier said than done, we must hold businesses and employees accountable for their actions within the workforce. Make your clients feel special and get to know them as a person.

Be Authentic

Don’t try to portray the company as something it’s not. Being straightforward and truthful in terms of what the business is and is not willing to do is essential for maintaining a positive brand image. As businesses and industries change, we must foster corporate transparency by being open with our clients, while remaining true to our brand’s purpose. In doing so, we will gain confidence in our customers, which regularly leads to business referrals.

An effective way to do this is to stay true to your company’s original mission statement. Create core values for your organization, team members and stick with them.

If you are accountable and'll win the hearts of your clients/customers/referral sources "at hello" as well!


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