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Has Denmark found the secret to abundant happiness? They believe so...AND the amazing part is it's extremely easy and budget friendly!

Denmark is consistently ranked #1 for happiness in the world. They credit a word that's central to their culture (but which Americans can barely pronounce): Hygge. To start's pronounced hoo-gah, and if it looks familiar, that's because it has suddenly gotten very, very trendy here in the U.S., even though it's been a staple of Danish culture since the early 1800's. Since my family is from Denmark...I find this quite fascinating!!

So...tell us...what's the secret?!?

Of course we're all dying to know...what exactly is it and how can I experience it??? Like...ASAP!! The answer is actually really easy...enjoy the little things...making time for and appreciating life's simple joys. Stop and smell the roses. Before you can experience hygge, you must be able to identify what makes you happy. This sounds simple, but here in the fast-paced lifestyle of the United States, we tend to look forward rather than live in the moment. If you had to list 5 things that make you feel fullfilled and happy, what are they?

What are some examples of hygge that the Danish do? Who doesn't like putting on comfy clothes (for me...def leggings) and curling up by the fireplace with a good book (or your dog, child, significant other) with a glass of wine or tea in hand? Said NO ONE EVER. Have you ever tried to add essential oils to your nightly routine...or take a relaxing bubble bath? These examples sound simple but you'd be amazed at how they can bring a sense of warmth and contentment. Try to come up with 3 things that you can incorporate into your busy lifestyle at home and give them a whirl for a week.

Anyone who works during the day...and this includes stay at home Moms (your work is just as stressful...if not more...been in your shoes before) should try to incorporate hygge into your daily routine. If you’re feeling stressed out, take a nice walk outside during your lunch hour. A brief stretch at your desk, meditation, or a casual conversation with co-worker can dramatically improve your overall satisfaction and happiness during the work day.

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