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Lialaine is a lifestyle business empowering and supporting women to live an authentic and abundant life.

Lialaine provides the tools and resources for women seeking relatable advice based off personal experiences to live authentically and abundantly surrounding the core pillars of life: family, health, professional development and relationships.

I've created resources in many media formats; blog posts, social content, courses, as well as physical products to inspire and support women to make permanent and lasting positive changes in their lives.

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Before working with Lisa I had not met my sales quota. Lisa worked with me to come up with an effective rounding and marketing schedule that I committed to for 30 days. Within that 30 days my numbers trippled and I am on target to not only meet but exceed my goals for Q2! I am excited to pass on the information I learned to my team. Thanks again!

Adriana C., Pharmaceutical Rep

I loved your confidence course! After years of struggling with low self esteem and not feeling confident in myself, I wanted to send you an email and personally thank you. The difference from before to now is dramatic. I've received compliments from co-workers and even my extended family has noticed the difference in how I speak as well as my posture. You have a gift and I know it's because you could relate to where "we" all were at one time in your life. God bless and thank you for sharing your gift with others. 

Jenna P.; Research Engineer

I have had the pleasure of not only being a colleague of Lisa but also a student and friend. She is unusual in her capacity to live and empathize with others. I admire her loyalty to others and extremely high ethical standards. She is truly the definition of success - as a mother, child, role model and nurse. 

Dr. Debra Cannon

Lisa has been AMAZING with helping me develop a strong vision and go to market strategy! She relit the fire and sparked it back to new life. I was stuck for MONTHS and she gave me the clarity and confidence I needed to help move my business forward. Lisa comes from a place of genuinely wanting you to succeed. She’s fired up and passionate about helping you become the best version of you. I highly, highly recommend working with Lisa! 

Candace M., Entrepreneur

I've been a client of Lisa's for 6 weeks and it's already shown tremendous results! I opted for personal and professional coaching. The worksheets she provides for each session has been an excellent tool that has helped show the progress I've made not only in my goals surrounding my personal life but also in my business. 

I'd highly recommend working with Lisa, she is organized, brings tools and resources that actually work and truly is your biggest'll love seeing the results!

Elizabeth T.; COO






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