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Happiness...we all can have it.

*Pursuing Happiness is a Choice*

We are each on our own pursuit for happiness. As human beings we seek every day to do things that make us happy, but have you ever sat back watching others and wonder how they seem so happy? And question how can I be like that? The truth is that these people may actually be happier because happiness is a choice that you can bring into your own life. We all see people who society classifies as having everything, but they are still not happy. Then there are people who have very little and yet seem to be some of the happiest people you have ever met. What makes this difference?

Relaxing tonight and watching The Pursuit of Happyness while relating to the main character, Chris Gardner, as he goes through his own pursuit for happiness, despite many dark and hard moments. His choice to be optimistic and push forward ultimately gives him the power to be happy. ❤️

It is almost impossible to watch this movie and not start looking at your own life, examining your own challenges and coming up with things you can change, just by choosing to be happy. Are you fully satisfied? Are you genuinely happy? What are you currently pursuing? The word pursuit means making steps forward or jumping to push ahead of the place where you currently are. I know I can personally relate to Chris Gardner, as I have had to push and fight to get out of (what seems like) a bottomless hole, more than once. As the movie progresses, Chris Gardner’s true personality shines through and we see how he really is motivated to make his life (and his son’s) better by pushing forward with a positive, happy attitude and by never giving up. 🙌🏼 As the movie continues we see that his love for his son is at the top of his list of priorities, as any parents should be. ❤️ His son is the one source from where he draws his motivation to keep fighting for success. I can personally relate as there’s been many times in my life where my kids were what kept me going. ❤️ You should never stop trying because YOU are the ONE person who controls your own outcome. Chris believes success depends solely on his own efforts and does not come from fate or luck. Life always hits hard. You want something? Go get it. #period. Many times it feels like the challenges never let up. We are all going to have things in our lives that will be hard, and we never can know exactly what will happen or what people will say or do. The only control we have is over our own actions and how we choose to fight back against the hard hits of life. Chris experiences many of these moments, but he always chooses to be proactive and continue to move forward, despite the obstacles he faces, towards his end goal. As the movie comes to an end, we see that Chris Gardner has reached his goal; he is successful, makes good money, and can provide a good life for his son. happy. ❤️ Such an amazing and inspirational movie. If you feel stuck or in a rut...I’d highly recommend watching this.

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