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I spend a good amount of time each week on the road since I work as a sales rep covering a large territory. Over the last year I have become obsessed with podcasts and audiobooks! If you're like me, utilize your "windshield time," and learn something new every time you're behind the wheel!

  1. Podcasts put you in control of your influences– Like it or not you are influenced greatly by what you hear. Choose to be influenced by people who are already at the level of success you want to be at. Success is contagious!

  2. Podcasts are free and convenient and can be sooo motivating!!

  3. Podcasts are educational – An hour or two driving each day to and from work or school can really add up. Why not fill that time with educational activities that you are passionate about or interested in?

  4. Podcasts promote self-development - I love listening to successful people share their tips on how they became successful and how they are continuing in their success.

Chalene Johnson; Build Your Tribe is one of my fav's...this particular one is great on productivity!! Start your week off on the right track! Below is the link...

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